Who? What?

Limpan’s SpeedShop is a small shop in a barn in farmland Sweden. It is a part time occupation for me, Peter “Limpan” Lindberg. Limpan means the loaf in Swedish, but comes from the sound of my last name and I am not really very “loaf:y” if I might say.

I have a webshop! Go to https://shop.ftteam.com to find out what I have for sale.

I specialize in Volvo RedBlocks, Saabs and air-cooled Porsche engines. I do some machining in-house but things like milling heads and boring cylinders go out to another shop. For Volvo RedBlocks and Saab B202-B205 it is often not necessary to bore the cylinders; they wear very little compared to V-engines and boxers, so mostly it is enough to just dingle-ball the bores and fit new rings. I do tidying up of intake and exhaust runners, replace valve guides and lap valves. For medium horsepower builds this is usually enough.

Volvo and Saab engines are best tuned using turbo boost. The Volvo RedBlock is probably the cheapest engine out there to tune up to about 400 hp. There are ways to build a really reliable engine that just runs and runs producing these power figures. And it not really that expensive.

When it comes to air cooled Porsche engines it is very much about measuring parts like pistons and cranks etc, making sure the crankhousing is “square” and replacing wear items, and also replacing parts that are out of spec. Anyone having a Porsche engine rebuilt should be prepared to fire the parts cannon and bringing the big wallet. Porsche parts are very expensive. Fortunately you usually get it back in case you sell anything Porsche.