I provide services.

My first specialitiy are budget oriented Volvo RedBlock builds. For your sleeper, your fun at the track car etc. If you are looking for maximum horsepower I might be able to help you, but it might take a little longer. If money is not the limit I can as well as anybody cook up a heft RedBlock! The process is: say your budget and what you expect, and we will see if it is doable. Have it done quickly is more expensive than not being in a hurry.

My other speciality is rebuilding Porsche air cooled engines. Rebuilds to original specs or slightly tuned using cams and other bolt on parts is what I’m best at. This is the exakt opposite to the RedBlocks: anything Porsche costs many $$$$$. But I am usually quite a bit cheaper on the labor than the big shops. I simply have low costs.

All engines etc are of course measured for clearances, straightness and squareness even in budget builds. If faulty parts are found, work is stopped until replacement parts is in place in my shop.

Examples of engine services

  • Rebuild that only requires gaskets, rings bearings etc of RedBlock 8V: labor 3500:- SEK plus parts if motor is out of car
  • Changing and shimming camshaft/camshafts in or out of car: 1700 SEK plus parts
  • Turbo conversion of 13 mm rods engine or B21/B23: From 8000:- SEK plus parts
  • Installing aftermarket EFI like WEMS, MegaSquirt or MaxxECU, including start MAP that lets you testdrive it: 5500:- SEK plus parts
  • Rebuild of Saab 16V engine that only requires gaskets, rings, bearings and chain kit etc: 4200:- plus parts.
  • Rebuild of n/a air-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche engine labor only: 26.500:- SEK
  • Rebuild of turbo air-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche engine, labor only: 29.500:- SEK

Examples of other services

  • Shorting of McPherson struts to fit shorter shock absorber:1900:- SEK per pair plus parts
  • Converting McPherson to coil-overs including length adjustments: 2700:- SEK per pair plus parts
  • Brake upgrades, 4 wheels. If all parts are bolt on: 2500:- plus parts as long as things aren’t rusted on, brake lines seized etc.